Come, join Lema and enjoy Guilin.

Releasing Time:2018-12-08
When I first arrived in Guilin, I went to the two rivers and one lake at night, and the lights along the way were all the lights, and the trees on both sides of the river were red, green and green. On the trails along the river, although it is a tourist, it is not awkward. This may be the reason why Guilin was called Jingjiang in the old days!
Going back to the hotel, opening the curtains, I don’t know where the sound of the drums and erhus came from. It was a kind of local opera. I suddenly felt that I was still unsatisfied. I went by the sound. Under the tree on the riverside, a group of people knocked and beat and sang very passionately. After listening to it for a while, along the river, there are still some people fishing. When I returned, the singing was gone, and the fishing was still...

In the middle of the night, the house lights are clear.
Where is the Jingjiang drum?
The two lake drummers are scattered,
Empty fishing boat.

On the second day of the tour of the Lijiang River, Shili Gallery and West Street, I felt the sunset of Yangshuo's sunset and the shock of the West Street.

In the sunset gallery, the guest is full of Yangshuo City.
The wine is not known, and the West Street is full of red lights.