Chi Fu Technology high-speed hard disk bridge control chip p

Releasing Time:2018-12-08
In September 2018, the high-speed hard disk bridge controller chip project jointly developed by Chifu Technology and Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School and Hangzhou Huasheng Microelectronics was officially transferred to the application and results transformation stage.
This project research high-speed chip has reached the following core technical indicators, mastering the core technology of high-speed chip: support USB3.1 Type C, backward compatible with USB3.0 and USB2.0 protocol specifications, transmission rate up to 10Gb/s; support USB super high speed, high speed and full speed mode work.
The highest continuous read/write speed of this chip can reach 600MByte/S, which breaks through the traditional interface speed and meets the requirements of large-capacity storage. The maximum storage capacity can reach more than 60TB. It supports the domestic CPU platform, the application of Loongson, Feiteng and the domestic operating system. Applications. The research team has already had the transformation conditions for the development of the USB 3.1 transmission protocol. After the success of the streaming, it can enter the market to achieve sales, and complete the localization replacement of the high-speed hard disk bridge control chip.
The transformation of the results of this project will combine storage and chip core technology to improve the technical content and self-controllability of domestic electronic products, and further enhance the position of domestic companies in the integrated circuit industry and storage chip industry.