Innovative "accelerated running" - see the nationa

Releasing Time:2018-12-08
Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, October 10, the fully-curled display of electric energy, the socket that can be energized in the water, and the exoskeleton robot that allows paraplegic patients to walk... On the 9th, the National Public Entrepreneurship Innovation Week in 2018 kicked off, at the main venue. In the exhibition of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu, the reporter saw that many innovative enterprises with independent intellectual property rights are blossoming and ushered in the spring of industrialization.

A "black technology" sound with a circular display has attracted the attention of many viewers. According to the staff, the screen on the flexible AMOLED panoramic visualization smart speaker is a flexible display developed by the company. It can not only bend and fold at will, but also has the advantages of ultra-thin, high brightness and low power consumption. "Our company has more than 4,400 key patents related to OLED (organic light-emitting display), and is also responsible for the development of two flexible display international standards, truly holding the display technology in their hands." Company director Yang Shujuan said.

“When can we use the mobile phone that is rolled up?” asked the audience at the scene. "In terms of application innovation, we have entered a deeper cooperation with mobile phone and other terminal manufacturers from a single trading relationship." Yang Shujuan said that by providing application concepts to terminal manufacturers, around the OLED technology, the collaborative innovation capability between domestic upstream and downstream enterprises It is constantly strengthening.

The flexible display shows the beauty of independent innovation, and another insulated electrical outlet “plays a heartbeat”. Next to the glass water tank in front of the platform, the entrepreneur Zhou Gang introduced his "not afraid of water" insulated electric socket. The electric light plug that was unplugged in the water was turned on again. In the exclamation of the audience, the electric light was turned on again. Up, the worrying electric shock scene did not appear. "Speaking of sockets, most people may think that they should avoid water and electricity, but our sockets are not afraid of water." Zhou just said confidently.

"When I was a college student, I was studying the insulation technology. Now our technology has obtained the EU CE certification (EU safety certification mark)." Zhou Gang told reporters that this insulation and electrical socket product has been received. An order of 50 million yuan. Next, he and his team also plan to apply insulated power technology to more home appliances.

An exoskeleton robot that looks like a sci-fi movie has brought hope for paraplegic patients to re-walk. “After the paraplegic patient uses this robot, the sensor can sense the human body's intention of action, and the patient can assist the patient with the action of the crutches.” The staff said that the exoskeleton robot independently developed by the University of Electronic Science and Technology is about to be put into mass production. . In the future, paraplegic patients no longer have to go to the rehabilitation center to recover with fixed equipment. The exoskeleton robot will help patients to perform rehabilitation training anytime and anywhere.

It is understood that in recent years, Chengdu has focused on the theme of innovation and entrepreneurship, and continued to increase investment in innovation. The growth rate of R&D investment in the whole society has continued to remain above 10%, and the average number of market participants has increased by more than 350,000 per year. The ratio of advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries to total industrial income is close to 60%. It is understood that during this double-creation period, Chengdu will also focus on releasing the “Chengdu Initiative”, an upgraded version of the dual-innovation, as well as policies and measures to promote technological innovation and promote military-civil integration.