New Turk Electronics launches innovative TDDI automotive ind

Releasing Time:2018-12-08
Synaptics Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA), the world's leading developer of human-machine interface solutions, today announced its innovative TD7800 series of automotive TDDI (touch controllers and Display Driver Integration) The products are now in full production and are available for sale. Some of the leading automakers and OEM foundries have selected this series of upcoming models. The in-vehicle touchscreen TDDI solution pioneered by New Turk Electronics integrates cutting-edge touch and display technology into a single chip while achieving superior optical performance over traditional touchscreens. New Turbo Electronics' in-vehicle TDDI combines low bill of materials (BOM) and an optimized supply chain to provide faster, easier integration for display manufacturers, world-class automakers and OEM foundries. In the coming weeks, automotive display manufacturers will panel the on-board TDDI of New Turith Electronics.

The new Turith Electronics technology family offers ultra-high definition resolution with up to 17-inch displays. The company has developed a comprehensive multi-in-cell TDDI solution in close cooperation with display manufacturers, which was invented by the new Turk Electronics in 2010 for the mobile market. With the company's investment in mobile TDDI displays and shipments of more than 300 million devices, display manufacturers are already familiar with the evaluation tools of New Turith Electronics, bringing them greater efficiency and faster start-up time.

The new Turtus Electronics In-Vehicle SafeViewTM image processing and tooling portfolio includes industry-leading display performance, including: Local Area Auto Contrast Optimization (LAACO) for contrast control by region to optimize both bright and dark areas of the image; Sunlight Visibility Enhancement (SRE), which enhances image visibility in bright sunlight by automatically adjusting gamma values ??for improved contrast and optimal viewing; independent white points for independent adjustment of color tones (RGBCMY) And white dots, which produce vivid images when the display changes; support billions of colors, enabling the new Twist Electronic Display to provide the smoothest, most natural tones across the display, producing the ultimate in red, green, and Blue three colors, and each color gamut between any two.

Sunil Thomas, vice president of automotive business at New Turith Electronics, said: "New Tuss Technology has mature experience in automotive display and touch experience and is one of the core suppliers in this field. Since 2001, we have been It is a long-term supplier of automotive display drivers and touch controllers and currently has a wide range of brands and models worldwide. Our goal is to achieve a major share of the automotive display market by 2020 through our unique TDDI solution."

New Turks Electronics' automotive products also ensure superior electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance in demanding automotive environments while complying with ISO11452 (EMC susceptibility) and CISPR25 (EMC radiation) standards.

The main features of the TD7800 include:

· Single chip touch and display integration (TDDI)

· Ultra HD (can write 4K)

Support for a-Si (single, dual and triple) and LTPS (3-way and 6-way data selector (MUX)) for up to 17-inch displays

· SafeView? Image Processing: LAACO, SRE, Independent White Point and 1 Billion Color Display

· Compliance with Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL)

· Comply with AEC-Q100 Level 2 and IAFT16949 standards

· Meets ISO11452 (EMC susceptibility) and CISPR25 (EMC radiation) standards

In-vehicle TDDI combines new Turbine Electronics' state-of-the-art touch controller IP and display driver technology with its proven system-level expertise into a single-chip solution. TDDI reduces overall system cost, simplifies the supply chain, enables thinner devices, brighter displays and borderless designs for comprehensive multi-point in-line and hybrid multi-in-cell panel stacks. The new Turtus Electronics TDDI solution features innovative and patented touch controller features such as support for up to ten-finger touch, low-power wake-up gestures, gloved touch and superior performance in wet conditions.