University of Electronic Science and Technology Explores &qu

Releasing Time:2018-12-08
The University of Electronic Science and Technology has taken advantage of the professional advantages of electronic information science, from the aspects of planning and design, industrial assistance, intellectual security, resource integration, etc., to combine and focus on breakthroughs, to cultivate "core", to "core" and to explore "electronics". Information + "help mode to help Guizhou Gong County to win the fight against poverty.
Strengthen design and development, casting planning "brain core". In combination with the actual situation of Qiong County, the overall plan for wisdom and coordination was formulated, and the construction of “117” project was implemented. The first “1” was to help build a portal website, realize unified access to government services, public services, enterprise services, and third-party applications and mobile. Application convergence; the second "1" is the unified planning communication, computing storage, sensing network and intelligent information security infrastructure; "7" is the infrastructure of the smart project, e-commerce, medical, education, agriculture, tourism And government affairs and other seven areas, and planning 35 smart applications in key business areas. Helping to develop the poverty-stricken combat information system and the wisdom party construction management system in Qigong County to meet the information needs of poverty alleviation.
Strengthen the guidance of science and technology, and the "main core" of the foundry industry. We invested nearly 1 million yuan to promote the standardization and intelligent construction of the pig breeding community in Tashan Village, and encouraged villagers to plant crops such as pumpkin and cabbage to provide feed sources and increase the income of poor households. Cooperate with alumni enterprises to build a smart medical industry in Gonggong County, and build a standardized digital vaccination clinic, telemedicine platform, medical supervision platform and regional population health information platform for township hospitals. Strengthen the construction of the wisdom education industry, promote the informationization of primary and secondary schools, help build the student innovation studio, and take the lead in realizing the school and school network in Banshun Southeast.
Strengthen the cultivation of talents and create an intellectual "safety core". Organize education and training for cadres and teachers, and focus on improving computer skills and overall quality. To create the "Sisizhou Lecture Hall" brand activities, organize experts to teach "smart cities" and "e-government" for the party and government cadres of Qiong County. Implement a special plan for targeted enrollment in rural poverty-stricken areas, and set up special scholarships for poor students to provide enrollment policy support for outstanding students in Gonggong County. Set up an expert think tank, select outstanding doctors and counselors to serve as consultants in government agencies, enterprises and institutions in Qigong County, and provide consulting services for county development planning and major decision-making.
Strengthen participation in integration and create resources "Joint Core". Relying on the alumni enterprise to support the development of Gonggong County, the school's secondary units, teachers and students are widely involved in the fixed-point assistance, forming a joint effort. Actively cultivate case studies of typical cases and intangible cultural heritage projects, build publicity demonstration projects, and create a good publicity atmosphere for fixed-point assistance work. With the help of the new media platform, we will vigorously promote the customs, characteristics, agricultural products and quality tourism resources of Gonggong County, and expand awareness and influence.